Impeachment is NOT the Biggest Story

The impeachment of a President is a huge story. It’s only the third time in American history it has happened.

But the bigger story is what happened to the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is important. It holds power in half the Congress. Its appointees make up at least half of our federal courts, and they control about half of our state governments.

Yet the Democratic Party has gone full socialist. Full totalitarian. Those two are the same thing. Socialism means total control over everything. It means there is no private property, no right to own a gun, and not even a right to speak your mind — not if it offends the government, who now must take responsibility for everything. Censorship will come under socialism; it always does, because it has to do so, logically.

We know the Democratic Party is now fully socialist and totalitarian. We know that because Bernie Sanders is currently in the lead. And if not Bernie Sanders, then someone else, such as Elizabeth Warren, who’s just as socialist. And poor, senile Joe Biden — who was mostly socialist during the Obama years, and called Republicans “economic terrorists” for not supporting Obamacare — will go along with the show, should he manage to hobble his way to the nomination.

The impeachment fiasco isn’t based on facts. It’s not based on “high crimes and misdemeanors” as the Constitution requires. It’s based on nothing more than the fact that the Democrats do not like being out of power in the White House, and they’re putting everyone on notice that (1) this will not stand and (2) it will never happen again.

If the Democratic Party had not gone full socialist, there would be no impeachment now. All of the irrationality you see is the direct result of what happened to the Democratic Party.

What was once a fringe movement — even in the Democratic Party, which has been inching toward socialism for generations — is now the mainstream. Bernie Sanders was a joke in the Democratic Party as recently as five years ago. We are only a single election away from something like a Bernie Sanders presidency. Sure, President Trump looks pretty good to win reelection in 2020. But nothing is guaranteed. And sooner or later, the Democrats will have total control again. What then? They will be a socialist party in complete control. And who’s to say they will even wait for an election?

During the Obama years, in my posts I routinely called Obama a socialist. Democrats (I still talked to a few then) called me nuts. “Democrats aren’t socialists,” they claimed. “They just want capitalism with a human face”. Whatever that means. And I accused Obama of being on the other side with Iran. And now look. Trump takes out Iran’s main terrorist without injuring a single soldier … and Democrats openly take the side of Iran.

It now seems everything I wrote was true — if not understated. Democrats don’t care about economic freedom, individual rights, the Bill of Rights or even democracy. All they care about is imposing their will. You see that in the government, and you see that in the attitudes and actions of everyday Democrats (not in the government) who treat harshly anyone who disagrees with them. I have met more Republicans and Trump supporters in the “closet” than I ever encountered gays and lesbians in the closet, even back in the 80s when it wasn’t so accepted.

In therapy, people sometimes talk about their denial. After the fact they’ll say, “I didn’t want to comprehend the magnitude of the disaster at the time. But now I see it.” They’re talking about a horrible marriage, or an untenable work situation. It’s like that with a country too. I see it as plain as day. I keep end up being right, and called nuts for it — and then it happens.

I wish it weren’t so. I’d rather be nuts. Because the freedom and liberty we love and take for granted can disappear.


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