The Impeachment Tragedy

Impeachment is not a show for Netflix. It’s not just a spectacle. It’s a tragedy.

Our system of individual rights is the greatest in the world. But this impeachment is worse than a sham. Yes, it’s based on lies. But it’s also what happens when free people lose control of their government.

We lost control because many of us hoped for something for nothing. That’s why government grew so big. “We promise to give you Medicare, and Social Security, and unlimited welfare, both corporate and personal”. It started in the 1930s, or even earlier. In exchange for that false hope, we gave politicians almost unlimited power.

When we finally get a President both able and willing to stand up to the horrible mess we created, this is what happens.

Is the battle over? I don’t think so. But it’s a battle, for sure.

If you doubt that, watch just five minutes of the impeachment tragedy. President Trump will remain in office.

But the corrupt rotten crew holding our country hostage through this impeachment will continue to do so well beyond it — ONLY if we let them.

Vote to throw EVERY ONE of them out in November … and the tragedy is over.



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