Elizabeth Warren: “Genitals First”

“Elizabeth Warren Promises A Cabinet Full Of Women”, says a headline at The Daily Wire.

Now think about it. Imagine if a presidential candidate said, “I’m going to appoint people based on their genitals — not on their qualifications, or their minds”. You would be shocked and horrified. Yet this is essentially what Elizabeth Warren says when she promises a Cabinet “full of women”.

The not-so-subtle message: “Your achievements do not matter. Your character does not matter. Yes, these are things that you control, shape and choose. Your gender? You don’t choose your gender. But THAT’S the most important thing about you.”

Warren, like the other socialists running, promises a world where there are no distinctions or differences. Everyone will have the same income as everyone else. Everyone will have the same free health care, the same free college, and the same guaranteed income. That’s her idea of equality. But by singling out EITHER gender — male OR female — as inherently superior to the other gender, she’s throwing her own definition of equality right out the window.

How can this not be obvious to leftists who will run to vote for her, cheering her promise to appoint only women to the government? If these leftists care about equality and non-discrimination as much as they claim, then why aren’t they even more outraged than a conservative or Independent over Warren’s promise?

Sadly, we live in an era of non-critical thinking. Otherwise, Warren would be laughed off the stage … by her fellow leftist “liberals” most of all.


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