Democrats Divide the Country — and Blame Trump

The country is badly divided. Democrats, of course, blame that on President Trump.

Yet what do they offer Republicans who might wish to vote Democratic? Nothing, except:

Let us impeach your President and remove him from office;

Let us establish the precedent that elections don’t matter, unless Democrats win and Republicans lose;

Understand we WILL chase you out of restaurants, make up lies about you and destroy your reputation every chance we get, if you so much as wear a “MAGA” hat;

Understand that NO Republican President or Congress will EVER go against our will ever again, and that OUR way is the only way, and the final way;

Let us raise your taxes, take your guns, outlaw your automobiles, your heat/ac and your airplanes; and make you afraid to speak anything aloud — or on social media, or anywhere — that triggers or upsets us in any way;

and then, if you’re nice and compliant long enough, we MIGHT not put you in a gulag.

THAT’s what the leftists now in control of the Democratic Party, the media and the corporate/entertainment worlds have to offer Republicans and Independents.

And THEY wonder why the country is so divided?


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