Why Leftists Love Iran’s Totalitarian Clerics So Much

Leftism: It’s a fascinating but also dark, sick approach to life.

On the one hand, most leftists enjoy the benefits of capitalism and material prosperity. Some of the biggest materialists I have seen are Democrats.

In the abstract, they’re against capitalism, profit, economic growth and even the use of fossil fuels (which they use every day).

Yet in reality, their approach could not be more different.

Now look at the Iran situation. Iran is a religiously fundamentalist theocracy. Nothing could be more illiberal or non-leftist than the Sharia law imposed by Iran’s government. Women must wear veils and cover their faces. Women are less than second class citizens. They enjoy no individual rights whatsoever. Gays are imprisoned, tortured or killed. Does any of this sound like the professed ideals of leftists? Not one bit.

Leftists hate religious Christian conservatives. They treat Christian conservatives as if they are the very things the Iranian mullahs actually ARE, in the practice of everyday life. Many religious conservatives are friends with gay people, and certainly would never support the Christian equivalent of Sharia law imposed on women. Sure, most of them disagree with the concept of gay marriage, and many have somewhat traditional views about women, although that probably isn’t as true as it used to be.

The main point is that leftists provide NO tolerance whatsoever for Christian conservatives, while they seem prepared to offer UNLIMITED tolerance for Muslim ultraconservatives—many of whom would put these very leftists to death for their habits, daily practices and ideological beliefs.

It makes no sense, unless you employ one simple hypothesis: Leftists hate America. It’s not a nationalist issue. It’s deeper than nationalism. Leftists hate freedom. Leftists seek unlimited control by people who think like them over people who do NOT think like them. In fact, this is the very thing they have in common with radically fundamentalist Muslims who run the government of Iran that leftists love so much.

Leftists are fundamentalists too. They are rigid and unyielding opponents of freedom, just like the Iranian dictators. Leftists want a totalitarian government just like Iran’s clerics want a totalitarian government. They view Iran as the victim of capitalism, fossil fuels, freedom and the Bill of Rights, just like they view THEMSELVES as the victims of these things. Even though they depend on all of these things not only for their physical survival, but for the ability to remain leftist and “liberal”.

By the way, their friends in Iran would murder them for these very leftist and “liberal” beliefs they hold, given the chance. Why do you think we’re in conflict with Iran in the first place? Iran is not a victim. Its government is an aggressor. It has been the # 1 state sponsor of world terrorism for the last 41 years. It makes the religious fundamentalists of Iran literally wild with rage that they must inhabit the same planet with people who don’t share their views; how is this any different from the typical, raging anti-Trump leftist?

Leftists depend on President Trump to destroy these totalitarian religious fundamentalists. They won’t let themselves know it, but it’s true. Yet in spirit and probably in practice, Democratic leftists would cheer the loudest if any of these totalitarian Iranian clerics did away with President Trump.

It’s not just hypocrisy. It’s lunacy. But that’s where we are.


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