Excuse Me … I Thought We Already ARE at War With Iran!?

Former Vice President and 2020 Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden on Thursday reacted to the assassination of top Iranian military commander Gen. Qassem Soleimani, accusing President Donald Trump of tossing a “stick of dynamite into a tinderbox.” [Breitbart News reports]

So let me get this straight. Iran, the #1 state sponsor of world terrorism since 1979, was NOT a dangerous tinderbox before. We’re supposed to believe it’s all President Trump’s fault?

The sad part is that Biden probably isn’t senile. He really IS that stupid.

As a reader of mine pointed out, “Please keep in min[d] Biden has never been right on any foreign situation in all the time he has been in Washington D.C.” True. He got everything wrong, from victory in the Cold War against the Soviets onward.

Another reader wrote, “His [Biden’s] lies are catching up with him. As time goes on he will not have a le[g] to stand on when it comes to all of the decisions he was involved in that were against America. Audio and Video of his fragile ego will be his down fall. We just have to be patient. It’s early in the game.”

I agree. But Biden–or any Democrat–has virtually all of the media, all of academia, all of government-run primary/secondary schools, all of the leftist pseudo-socialist corporate world, virtually all of the music/entertainment/sports world (that many listen to) and a corrupt crony phony capitalist Establishment on his side. It seems insurmountable, at times. But it seemed that way in 2016 too, didn’t it?

Here’s one of my favorite replies from a reader:

I love how when we FINALLY respond definitively to COUNTLESS attacks (both actual military and of course the tens of thousands of terrorist ones) we’re suddenly the bad guy, upsetting the apple cart, who knows where this will go etc etc etc. Not to mention, Iran saying this is a “heinous crime” wah wah wah. Oh PLEASE!

The bully on the playground will keep doing it until you punch him back. It is long past high time that we did so, and let the pieces fall where they may. Where do I think they’ll fall?

a) Concern that this will escalate, draw in other powers: Trump I’m sure is having frank talks with Putin, Xi, etc saying “we are through with rolling over, enabling this, etc, and you will stay out of it. You know escalation on your part cannot be good.”

b) Concern that Iran will retaliate etc: They now know what they are messing with. They probably will retaliate, and they will soon learn it was a bad mistake. See (c).

c) Concern that we’re starting a War (not that it wasn’t already going of course, which everyone conveniently forgets as they post “oh another election year time for war” posts): I don’t think so. I think Trump is going to continue to use this kind of surgical strike against people/facilities. This one was particularly crippling and there’s no reason to presume we can’t keep it up.

Aside: Israel must be going “AMERICA! F YEAH!” right about now. This is how they roll of course, so seeing us do it must be awesome for them.


Onward and upward, soldiers. At least we finally have a President on the side of the United States, instead of on the side of our enemies.

And remember: We have the firepower to end any war started by Iran in five minutes.


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