Trump Reverses Obama’s Moral Inversion on Iran

Iran: Trump’s $200 billion Sanctions Have Wiped Out Obama’s $150 billion Nuclear Deal [Breitbart News headline]

Good. Thanks to President Trump, we’re starting to reverse the total moral inversion of the Obama years. By “moral inversion” I simply mean: helping your enemies rather than destroying them.

Obama helped our enemies, and Trump destroys them. It’s as simple as that.

Obama didn’t merely provide money to Iran, in effect paying them to build nuclear weapons so they might destroy Israel and perhaps eventually the United States. He lectured Americans constantly about how everything bad that happens to America — 9/11 and everything else– is our own fault. Every time an Islamic-inspired attack occurred in the United States during his time in office Obama pretty much told Americans, “See? I told you so.” He blamed the victims — Americans — because he was on the other side.

The Obama mentality is alive and well at the New York Times. That miserable excuse of a newspaper called the people who attacked the American embassy in Iraq on Iran’s behalf “mourners”. Mourners of WHAT, exactly? It’s not even worth contemplating. All we need to know is that the American left — that includes mainstream Democrats, since the mainstream is now to the left of Obama, if anything — is not on the side of America. It’s on the side of America’s enemies.

And it makes total sense. A social movement that has declared war on free speech and the right to bear arms — two bedrocks of the American Constitution — naturally would side with any group of people who shout (and mean), “Death to America!” Totalitarian, medieval religious fundamentalists and hard-nosed, cynical agnostic Manhattanites and D.C. swamp dwellers have a lot more in common than you think. The main thing in common is that they hate America, capitalism, liberty, freedom and individual rights. They hate us so much, they want us wiped out.

Thank goodness we have a President, right now, who’s actually on the side of America. How that became such a controversial thing — and a stand only one of our two political parties seems willing to take — is something requiring a lot of in-depth self-examination among those determined to let our cherished freedoms go.

As for the New York Times, it’s nothing more than a state-run newspaper in search of a left-wing dictatorship to run it. Let’s hope both the Times and the leftist movement join the fabled ash heap of history … and soon.


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