A Yale Psychiatrist Says President Trump is Crazy … Surprise, Surprise!

A psychiatrist at Yale says the following about President Trump:

“[Y]ou can tell how unwell he is by the degree he cannot deviate from his defenses: mainly, denial and projection. We often say he is ‘doubling down.’ A truly sick person will be unable to show any tolerance of ambiguity, doubt or flexibility in thinking.”

Oh, good grief! Isn’t this just more projection? Leftists — including leftist psychiatrists — are not being objective. They’re simply rationalizing their own behavior, or the behavior of their own political heroes. They accuse President Trump (and his supporters) of the things THEY are actually guilty of.

When Joe Biden called opponents of Obamacare “terrorists”, did he get a “talking to” by an Ivy League psychiatrist? Or what about Obama, refusing to negotiate with Republicans on taxes and the budget, instead telling them, “Try winning an election” … remember that?

Nobody is more rigid and authoritarian than a leftist. Control and dominance are what leftism is all about. It’s what socialism means: Control.

“When my guy [or gal] doubles down, that’s OK. Look at Nancy Pelosi. She’s a hero. When Donald Trump does it — well, it’s pathology”.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with doubling down, by the way. Washington, Jefferson and others did it during the American Revolution. Were they psychopathological? Lincoln did it when he decided it was time to end slavery. Was he mentally ill? What about President Truman, when he saved thousands of American lives by decisively ending World War II with nuclear bombs?

Doubling down means sticking to principle. Leftists don’t like President Trump’s principles. They don’t like someone who stands for the things he does. But when their candidates stand by the opposite principles — they cheer. This is not science; it’s politics, plain and simple. It’s disgusting and dishonest, but frankly no surprise.

It’s ridiculous to hide behind psychiatric constructs to rationalize your own political views. It’s outrageous to do so and call it science. It has nothing to do with science.

You can argue whether or not Donald Trump is a narcissist. I say he’s not, because he clearly loves the country, and he’s clearly not after power. He didn’t need fame or money; he had plenty of both before becoming President. He’s after what he thinks is right, and millions happen to agree with him. He’s the first Republican (since Reagan) to actually follow through on his promises. He’s the only firewall we have against total obliteration of the Bill of Rights by America’s far left, including people like this Yale psychiatrist.

But even if you think Trump is a narcissist and you dislike narcissism, then why on earth would you support leftists, Communists and socialists? They are the ones who want power over others. They are the ones trying to seize everyone’s guns, 70-90 percent of everyone’s income, everyone’s fossil fuels; they are the ones thwarting people’s ability to choose their own doctors, teachers, and speech. Nobody is less “pro-choice” than a leftist, not by the standards of liberty and individual rights.

So how seriously are we supposed to take these fools who claim President Trump is a narcissist?



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