Elizabeth Warren’s Socialist Racism

Elizabeth Warren continues to lie that she has Indian blood. It’s not news that she lies; all career politicians lie. The interesting part? She considers it morally superior to be Indian. The fact that she has Indian blood is, according to her, a moral virtue. If she didn’t believe this, she would never have been tempted to lie in the first place.

But how can anyone’s race make them MORE morally virtuous? Don’t morality and character have to do with choices — not things you have no say in, like your genetics?

Isn’t that what white supremacists claimed back in the days of the KKK? That being white — and being white alone — makes you morally superior? And being black (they claimed) makes you morally inferior? It’s an appalling, inaccurate and totally irrational idea. Yet it’s Warren’s premise. THAT goes unchallenged. It’s the most important thing to challenge about her lie … even more than the lying itself. It’s called racism.

Another thing implied by Warren’s Indian lie: She considers the Indians morally superior to white men who settled early America. Yet Warren is, by all reports, a millionaire. She loves the good life created by the descendants of the people who fought the Indians, defeated them, and turned the United States into a prosperous country. If the Indians had been left in charge back in the 1700s and 1820s, the United States as we know it today — with all its prosperity and creature comforts undreamed of even by the ultra-rich back in the 1820s — would simply not exist. Now maybe Warren and her supporters think that’s a good thing. Maybe they think that if the Indians had not been defeated back in the 1800s, America would be better today. They’re free to believe whatever they want to believe. But if this is what Warren and her supporters believe, what business does she have in living in a capitalist economy created by white men that she considers evil? And ditto for all the other well off leftists?

As with so many other issues, it’s as plain as day with leftists. They don’t really hate capitalism. They’re just riddled with envy. They LIKE capitalism and material things. We know that because of the way they choose to live — with all kinds of material comforts. They don’t want a country run by native Americans. Native Americans would only provide the basics. If left alone back in 1800, Indians would be living precisely today as they did back then. I don’t think Elizabeth Warren would find that too comfortable.

Leftist career politicians like Warren want a capitalist country. They just want to control it all. The would never, ever be able to make millions or billions of their own accord. So they seize it. And redistribute it. And they enjoy the false sense of moral virtue that comes from it all. It’s truly sickening and disgusting. It’s not just the currently high profile leftists like Elizabeth Warren who embody this mindless hypocrisy. It’s frankly anyone who buys into the mentality of leftism and socialism. The ones who vote for it are, in my book, just as bad. No more free passes for them. They are participating in the destruction of the world by supporting socialism. I hold them just as accountable as Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders or anyone else who (heaven forbid) might manage to seize power.

It’s all based on the ugliest of human emotions: envy. Envy stems from insecurity. Envy will cripple and eventually bring an individual down, psychologically; and envy will likewise bring down an entire civilization — at least if we let it.



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