If Trump’s America is “Fascist”, Then What is AOC?

AOC claims the U.S. is evolving into a “fascist” country. Does she even know what “fascist” means? Her constituents are the same people who expected that President Trump, after (supposed) impeachment by the House of Representatives, should have vacated the White House the next morning. These fools throw around terms like they know what they’re talking about. They know absolutely nothing of what they’re talking about!

“Fascism” refers to an economic system whereby private property is nominally owned by profit-makers, and actually operated and run by the government. Under fascism, it’s particularly true with large corporations, all of whom are in bed with the government.

If you want an example of a fascist economy, look at China. There are “private” owners, but in name only. Businesses open and close at the behest of the government. It’s state-run capitalism, the kind AOC and Bernie Sanders want … which is NOT capitalism.

Businesses that serve the government’s purpose stay open, while businesses that fail to serve the government’s purpose are thwarted or shut down. China has managed to pull off being both fascist and Communist at the same time. How? Because at the core, they’re the same thing: CONTROL, instead of a fully free market.

By that definition, does the U.S. have strong fascist tendencies? Sure it does. Our government-run public school system is largely fascist. It’s run by a top-down, authoritarian bureaucracy in Washington D.C. under the strict control of left-wing, unaccountable teachers’ unions. Health care isn’t much better. Medicare and Medicaid control most of the health care economy, and these are government-run programs.

What keeps the U.S. from being literally fascist is the ability of people to compete in a private market. Small businesses as well as the Internet have largely saved the day. But it’s hard to compete with the public school system or the Medicare-run hospital system. It’s similarly hard to compete with government-run loans, government-owned currency (in contrast to a private mechanism, such as a gold standard), and increasingly government-run higher education. Everywhere you look, there’s government. THAT’s the definition of fascist.

The cluelessness of AOC and people like her is increasingly hard to fathom. Fascist means authoritarian. President Trump has loosened the grip of authoritarianism. He has cut taxes, reduced regulations and supported things like the “right to choose” act in health care. He also got rid of the Obamacare mandate, no thanks to lying Republicans in Congress but potentially with the help of a friendly court system.

If you want less fascism in America, then you need to go far to the RIGHT of Donald Trump — not to the left, as AOC wants. Real authoritarianism, like China (or worse) will come to America when the policies that AOC and most of her Democrats now support come into being.

We could be a single election or two away from total fascism in America. Just vote in the Democrats, and it’s all over.

Government-run health care with no competition; government-run college and schools with no possibility of competition; 70-90 percent tax rates and huge sales taxes to support Medicare for All; all kinds of other forms of “soft” slavery imposed on the population; a national gun ban; “hate speech” codes … Give the Democrats control of Congress and the White House, and we’ll be there.

It’s beyond insane that one of the most fascist, authoritarian — not to mention clueless — people in Congress has the utter ignorance and mindless audacity to claim President Trump represents fascism. SHE is the very thing she accuses President Trump of being.

As I keep saying: It’s the most outrageous and all-encompassing form of psychological projection in all of human history.



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