Jane Lynch: Out of the (Political) Closet

Haters of President Trump point to his tweets. “It’s unpresidential for a President to tweet”, they shriek. As if President Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be tweeting right now. President Trump is good at tweeting, probably writes them himself — and they pull a powerful punch. THAT’s why they’re against Trump’s tweets. It’s not their content; it’s because they work.

Trump goes over the head of a hateful, lying and largely left-wing media to talk to regular people whose priorities and ideas may be somewhat different from those who work in the media. THAT’s the offense.

And for a group of people who oppose tweeting in principle, leftists sure go wild when anyone comes out and says something they don’t like. Take Jane Lynch, the extremely funny and talented actress who recently came out [insert gasp here] for MODERATION in the Democratic Party. By all indications, Lynch is a Democrat. She appears to support Democratic candidate for president Amy Klobuchar, who seems to sell herself as a moderate. But the class warfare being waged by Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg and nearly all the others running is too much for her.

Who knows? Maybe Jane Lynch speaks for many Democrat voters when she tweets, “Class warfare is ugly”. That’s something a conservative or libertarian might say, but it’s not something you ever hear a Democrat say. At least not today. But Lynch did. And the resulting shrieks and screams from ginned-up leftists on Twitter was predictable. [If it turns out Lynch is actually a conservative or a libertarian, the shrieks will be louder.]

The reaction against Lynch shows what I (and others like me) claimed during the Obama years: Scratch the surface and the Democratic Party is essentially socialist, and totally against liberty. In the last 3 years, the Democratic Party has come out and said exactly those things, in almost exactly those words. If the Obama administration spying on the Trump campaign is not proof enough, then just watch how ordinary Democrats act, on Twitter and elsewhere. They’re mean and completely intolerant of dissenters—especially in their own party. These are not the attitudes or methods of people who love reason, freedom and individual rights. They’re petulant, nasty snowflakes – like their ignorant, arrogant snowflake Queen, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Jane Lynch is listening to what these now mainstream socialists and Communists are saying in presidential debates, and she let them know she doesn’t care for what she’s hearing. Suddenly, they’re now wildly against a celebrity speaking her mind. I wish celebrities would keep quiet too. Not because they don’t have a Constitutional, individual right to speak. Of course they do. But their speaking distracts us from what we love about their work, assuming we do love their work. Lynch is someone whose work I enjoy. Her comments that now send her presumably fellow Democrats into a well-deserved, yet predictable, emotional tailspin seem entirely warranted and justified. In fact, it’s about time.

Since actors, musicians and sports stars speaking out in favor of leftism is apparently NEVER going to stop, how about celebrities on the other side — even the moderates — starting to come out of the closet?

Thank you, Jane Lynch, for coming out of your political closet.



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