Today’s Democrats: American Founders’ Worst Nightmare

Speaking on the floor of the Senate Thursday morning, McConnell threatened to cancel the Senate trial altogether if Democrats refuse to hand over the articles of impeachment, as is required by the rules outlining the impeachment process and mocked Pelosi and her team for getting “cold feet” after rushing through the impeachment process in the House. [The Daily Wire]

Good for him. It’s the only way to respond to their childish games. Remember: the childish political games of Pelosi and her wretched party are being played with the Presidency and the Constitution of the greatest republic mankind ever devised. Your life and my life are way, way better off because of that republic.

The whole thing is beyond insane and sick. We have literally installed madmen — excuse me, madpersons — in our government. They have got to go.

The only alternative to some kind of civil war or total collapse is a massive electoral blowout next November. All the Democrats have to go. That’s it. It’s our last stand.

Whatever is important to you in life, you cannot pursue it without freedom. Your freedom matters. Politics matters — to that extent. Democrats and leftists are after your freedom. All of it. And they mean it.

Today’s Democratic Party — the goons, the tyrants, the imbeciles — represents our Founders’ worst nightmare. That nightmare has now come true. They will devour us all, unless we rid ourselves of their power and influence.

Voting against them is the only way around this. If you, the voter, fail in your mission, then it’s just as much your fault as Pelosi’s, Schiff’s and all the others.



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