The Socialist Snowflake Princess Hates Her Health Care Options

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has stepped in it again, this time on Twitter, by posting a whining complaint about all the healthcare options she has, or something, and slamming Obamacare by accident. “Members of Congress also have to buy their plans off the exchange. They are Gold plans that are partially subsidized. That means I get to “choose” btwn 66 complex financial products. This is absurd. No person should go without healthcare, & no one should go through this, either.”  [from PJMedia]

Wow. As someone wrote me in response, “She’s too f***g stupid to choose her own insurance plan, but she’s so brilliant that she needs to choose yours.”

How unbelievably toxic and absurd. She’s basically saying: “Nobody should have to shop for medical care on a free market”. NOT that we have a free market, mind you. For decades what would and should have been a free market for medicine has been hampered by all kinds of controls, subsidies and regulations at federal and state levels. Nevertheless, it’s a free market that AOC opposes in principle. She wants us NOT to be free to choose anything other than what the government commands and permits. That’s make makes her (and her fellow Democrats) so toxic, vicious, ignorant and evil.

Congress, by the way, has THE best health insurance selection of anybody on the planet. This still isn’t good enough for the Queen of Socialism. If AOC hates her gold-plated choices so much, then it’s amazing she supports socialism at all. Socialized medicine means ONE choice for patients: The government. Socialized medicine means ONE choice for doctors, nurses and hospitals: the government. Government sets the terms, the cost, and everything else that producers, suppliers and customers normally decide in a free marketplace.

If you don’t like health care as we know it, we have to do three things. First of all, repeal Obamacare. We would have done that by now, were it not for the equally evil John McCain, who broke years of promises and blocked repeal in the Senate because he doesn’t like Donald Trump. (John McCain: May you never, ever rest in peace.) Secondly, totally deregulate health insurance, including the present inability to buy health insurance plans across state lines. Third, privatize Medicare and Medicaid. The third is not a popular option, but we will never have a free market for medicine so long as these programs dominate the way medical care is priced, conceptualized and delivered. Our problems began in earnest after Medicare took over medical care for seniors and altered the way hospitals and health insurance companies operate — kind of the way the federal government nationalizing Verizon or Apple would alter the technology market forever, driving up prices as well as lowering quality.

“Medicare for all” will take us to the opposite extreme of the free market. It will turn medicine into the equivalent of what the post office once was, before it had competition such as email, Internet and UPS/Fedex.

The solution for medical care is the 180 degree POLAR OPPOSITE of what AOC and Democrats propose. The solution is privatization — not nationalization. Freedom of choice, not command-and-control, Soviet and Venezuelan style.

If you think AOC and the ignorant fools who support her are complaining now, just wait until we have Medicare for All.



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