Like Cornered Animals, Establishment Freaks Seek to Bring Down Trump’s Presidency

Democrats are consulting with Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Tribe, who has pushed for impeachment since before Donald Trump took office in 2016, as they prepare articles of impeachment.

The New York Times reported Saturday: “Laurence H. Tribe, the constitutional law professor at Harvard, planned to travel to Washington on Saturday to discuss impeachment with Democratic members, kept in town over the weekend for two lengthy prep sessions.”

Tribe declared in December 2016 that Trump’s impeachment “should begin on Inauguration Day,” basing his argument on a dubious interpretation of the Emoluments Clause.

Later, in May 2017 — less than five months into the Trump presidency — Tribe wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post declaring: “The time has come for Congress to launch an impeachment investigation of President Trump for obstruction of justice.” He called Trump a “danger to our system of government.” [the above is from Breitbart News 12-8-19]

This is elite-speak for: “We can’t have an outsider threatening the way we do things. Our government is a very special partnership. Drug addicts and losers — like Hunter Biden — who would never make a penny on their own abilities walk away from China and the Ukraine with billions. Politically correct corporations — like Facebook, Google and Twitter — give us gobs and gobs of money in exchange for doing our bidding. It’s a beautiful arrangement. The mere presence of an outsider, like President Trump, is unthinkable. It CANNOT be allowed to stand. It’s not just his abrasive style. It’s the fact he’s there at all. We know he has no investment in the game, and there’s no telling what he’ll do if he stays there. And if we do anything less than remove him from office, the precedent has been set for someone else — some other outsider — to do the same. This could become a trend! It CANNOT and WILL NOT be allowed to stand”.

That’s what it’s really about. That’s what it was always about, and always will be about.

It’s not a conspiracy. It’s simple human corruption. You give people access to billions — no trillions — of dollars they never earned (and never could have earned on their own, people like Hunter Biden) — and you get … THIS.

The more they scream, they more they lie, the more they threaten, the more they pursue impeachment or who knows what else yet to come … the more you know they feel threatened. They’re wild animals caught in a corner. They’re cockroaches when you turn the lights on in an infested kitchen. No offense to wild animals or cockroaches — because these horrible individuals in power are far worse.

Don’t be intimidated by Harvard attorneys. Harvard attorneys may have better connections, and they might even be highly intelligent. But intelligence and character are not the same thing. Adolf Hitler was insane, evil and irrational — but he had considerable intelligence. That’s how he was able to do all the damage he did. When the truly good and freedom-loving stood up to Hitler, they brought him down.

Today’s leftist Establishment — and that includes many Republicans too, such as the grotesque Mitt Romney — are the biggest evil ever to infest our beautiful republic and system of liberty and individual rights … from the INSIDE, this time. Our biggest threats used to be British Royalists, Nazis and Communists. Today’s enemies are the hard-left Establishment in corporations and government, along with the fools and parasites who support them.

We’ve reached a point where people on the outside consist of anyone who dares to question the government. Are we still a government “of the people, by the people and for the people”? Obviously not. Our federal monstrosity has become a government of insiders who impose their will on us, spending money they didn’t earn, exercising power they don’t deserve and claiming a legitimacy they never had, and never should have been permitted.

For generations, voters have granted them powers way beyond the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The situation has reached an unsustainable climax. That’s where we are.

This is about SO much more than President Trump, as large as he looms right now. And whatever happens with impeachment and whatever else is to come … this is SO not over.

In fact, it may only be starting.




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