Democrats Think the Presidency is BETTER than Santa — or God!

I find it ironic — in fact, hilarious — that so many Democrats want to be President of the United States. They want this role more than anything. They see the presidency as King, as Emperor, as Strongman Over All the Universe. It’s ironic. The President of the United States is not any of those things. Just ask President Trump. The President shares power (equally) with competing branches of government, the judiciary and the legislative branches. These branches can’t force the President to do everything, but the President cannot force them, either.

The President is hardly a King. Democrats make the job out to be a combination of Santa Claus and God — with, in fact, even more unlimited powers than either Santa Claus or God are ever reputed to have. There’s nothing a President cannot do — literally, nothing, especially in the glazed-over eyes of these Socialist Democrats we have today. So long as [fill-in-the-blank-here with Democratic candidate for President] gets the job … Utopia is yours.

A party stupid enough to fall for this twisted mythology cannot be entrusted with ANY power.


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