We Have a Name for People Like Bloomberg, Sanders and Warren …

So let me get this straight.

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders condemn Michael Bloomberg running for President. Billionaires, they claim, should not run for President. Billionaires, in fact, should not even exist.

Yet Warren and Sanders are both MILLIONAIRES. Sanders is known for his multiple houses. Why is it OK to be a millionaire, but not a billionaire? “Billionaires have more than they need”, they will claim. So what? So do millionaires. If Bloomberg is immoral for being a billionaire, then Sanders and Warren — by their own assumptions — are just as immoral for being millionaires. And THEY shouldn’t be running for President, either.

Sanders says Bloomberg should not be allowed to “buy” an election. This means the fact he has the most money guarantees he will win. But that’s ridiculous. Most billionaires who run for office don’t win. Donald Trump is the exception. Remember Ross Perot? He lost twice. Donald Trump could have lost. He only won because he made the case people most wanted to hear.

I am no defender of Bloomberg. He’s a horrible little fascist twit who wants to control everyday habits of ordinary people, including but not limited to the size of their diet cokes. He actually believes that China — with its total denial of free speech and individual rights — is NOT a dictatorship. That’s madness. It’s even evil. I won’t be voting for Bloomberg any more than I would vote for Warren or Sanders.

Do these people hear themselves? Do they LISTEN to themselves? I notice that Democrats, when on a stage with each other, seem to look at one another with deep contempt. It’s almost as if they KNOW how idiotic they are — when it’s one of their Communist/socialist/fascist freedom-hating colleagues. But when it’s themselves, they can’t seem to contain their admiration for the very same qualities they loathe in others.

Of course, psychiatry and psychology have had a word to describe this characteristic for decades: sociopath.


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