Partial Privatization Save China — NOT Communism, as Bernie Sanders Claims

In a recent interview with The Hill, presidential contender Sen. Bernie Sanders praised China, stating the nation had made “more progress in addressing extreme poverty than any country in the history of civilization.”

The remark generated a slew of headlines from right-leaning media, some of which mocked the Vermont senator for praising China. As many undoubtedly know, however, China’s progress in eradicating extreme poverty in recent decades is unprecedented.

As recently as 1990, data show, 66 percent of China’s population was living in extreme poverty. By 2015, however, that figured had plunged to less than one percent. [Source: Foundation for Economic Education]

Bernie Sanders thinks China is a model of how socialism and Communism work. What he fails to tell you is how things improved only when China moved AWAY from Communism, economically. America needs to emulate China by privatizing all that we can, including pensions, health care and business subsidies. We would beat China decisively, if we went full free market.



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