“I Do Not Promote Violence, BUT … ” Says the Depraved Bette Midler

“I DO NOT promote violence but… Rand Paul says the Kurds are being ‘ingrates’ for taking their frustrations out on US troops. Which is a good reminder for us all to be more grateful for the neighbor who beat the s— out of Rand Paul,” Bette Midler tweeted on Wednesday.

Let me get this straight: “I don’t promote violence, but … I am grateful to the person who initiated violence against a peaceful person”. What the hell?!

Wow. I’m shocked. And nearly nothing shocks me anymore.

And remember this from last June? “Bette Midler creates social media mess with tweet calling for president to be stabbed”

I am also sad, because I once enjoyed and admired what I considered Bette Midler’s achievements in entertainment. For the most part I ignore the stupid leftist ranting of actors, musicians and artists whose achievements I may otherwise admire. But this is too much.

Midler is showing herself to be truly evil. I don’t see it as mental disorder. It’s a CHOICE for her to think and speak as she does, using (and squandering) her celebrity as a prop. She held it together enough to establish and advance her career for all those decades. I’m sure she detested people in her own field, but she didn’t openly call for people to beat them up or even kill them. She’s not stupid. She knows what she’s saying, and she knows what she’s doing. So do the rest of these leftists who openly tolerate, or even promote, violence and hatred against people whose views they don’t share on tax cuts, regulation, the environment, foreign policy and defense spending.

Notice how Midler’s not going after President Trump, in this instance, but U.S. Senator Rand Paul. Rand Paul could not be more different in temperament and style than President Trump. There’s no pretense of an excuse for hating him. Also, Rand Paul is more of an ideas man than Trump. He also deeply believes in liberty, freedom and individual rights, at least compared to anyone else sitting in a Senate seat in our Imperial City at present. You can and should challenge him on his ideas, if you disagree. If you actually HAD any ideas worth defending, you would not have to express gratitude for the attempted murder of a person whose ideas you don’t share. You’d promote your ideas instead … if you actually had any, other than mindless hatred.

Just IMAGINE if someone tried to take the life of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and then a big celebrity publicly expressed gratitude for it. The ensuing hysteria would be enough to lead to an immediate civil war, if not martial law.

This goes to show how most of these leftists — celebrities or not — are really brutal, totalitarian people at heart. They HATE the people they call haters. They ARE what they call those of us who dissent: haters, fascists, and totalitarians. Do you see the evidence now?

They call “haters” anyone who wants America to simply be about leaving people the hell alone. That’s what Rand Paul and his father, Ron Paul, always stood for: Leave people the hell alone. They speak their minds in a principled, scholarly and benevolent way. But even this is too much for hateful, soulless shrews like the mindlessly ignorant and truly depraved Bette Midler.

All they know how to do is hate, demolish and destroy. Bette Midler and all the rest of them are the lowest of the low. It’s tragic.

They should have stuck with the fields they know. Sadly, they will never shut the hell up.



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