If Capitalism Hurts Women, Do China’s Rape & Torture Help Them?

“Former Prisoner In One Of China’s ‘Re-Education Camps’ Speaks Out: Torture and Rape Were Common” [Daily Wire headline]

Women are repeatedly told that Communist and socialist countries (they label them “progressive”) are good for women, while capitalism is bad for women.

Let’s survey the evidence. Capitalism (even hampered by unfortunate cronyism) lifted the standard of men and women in the United States since the late 1800s like never before seen in human history. During that time, women began to have more choices and freedom to do what they wish than ever before — not because of changes in laws, for the most part, but because of improvements in economic and material conditions created by economic freedom, property rights, capitalism and technology.

In Communist/collectivist countries like China, the government officials are not accountable. There are no individual rights. There’s no due process. Consequently, there’s no rule of law to prevent men from raping women — women who are often in prison because of non-crimes such as unfavorable political views.

In the USA today, a man cannot turn sideways and look at a woman without threat of a lawsuit or even criminal charges. That may be too far in the other direction, but what woman cannot agree it sure beats the conditions in places like China? If capitalism and the Bill of Rights are so bad for women, while collectivism and socialism are so good, then why do women suffer everywhere when economic and personal freedom are stifled?

On top of it, our Hollywood, media and sports celebrities now lecture us that we must BOW to China and their totalitarian system. Exactly how will this benefit WOMEN? Or anyone?

We live in truly infuriating times.


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