Democrats: Nihilism, and No Heroes

Veteran actor Jon Voight, a stalwart Trump supporter, believes that the Democrats will not take back the White House come 2020, arguing that they “do not represent America anymore” and have transformed into something negative since the 1960s.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter (THR), Voight said that the Democratic Party has transformed into something he never thought possible, saying they “have no heroes today” like when John F. Kennedy was alive. [The Daily Wire]

It’s so refreshing to hear an actor with a BRAIN and a MIND, unlike the virtue-signaling snowflake Communists we typically see, not just in Hollywood but sports, literature, business and academia too.

He has a good point, psychologically. Trump’s supporters are a mile deep. Democrats have nothing except nihilism, which means destruction for its own sake. Democrats seek to DESTROY capitalism; to DESTROY individualism; to DESTROY the Bill of Rights, including the First and Second Amendments; to DESTROY the Constitution, brazenly abusing the impeachment clause; and, most of all to DESTROY President Trump at ANY COST.

How heroic can they be?

They stand for nothing. When you stand for nothing other than destruction, you are incapable of inspiring anything. And you have no heroes.


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