Why Can’t Democrats Wait Until 2020 to Beat Trump?

Why can’t Democrats just wait until next year to remove President Trump from office? It’s unlikely they can remove him. So why go to the trouble of impeachment?

Is it only because they don’t believe they can win and defeat President Trump next year? Possibly. But that’s not the only reason.

The bigger reason is: entitlement. You have to understand the leftist ideology and psychology. It’s totalitarian. It consists of, “Hand over your guns. Hand over your money. It’s ours — not yours”. To them, Trump is taking their power. They view HIM as getting the things THEY are legitimately entitled to. That’s why they project onto him all kinds of things that THEY would do — or, as in the case of Hunter and Joe Biden — actually have already done. They accuse Trump of spying. In fact, the evidence shows that Obama’s administration spied on Trump. Obama’s administration would gladly have colluded with Russia or anyone else in the interest of preventing Trump’s election. It’s because of entitlement. Hillary Clinton, the evidence shows, colluded with Russia by giving them the lion’s share of uranium in exchange for six-figure speaking fees for her husband. Imagine if an ex-President Trump did something like this, or if Melania Trump became Secretary of State and used her husband’s influence in this way. Mayhem would follow.

When you crave power over others, it’s like a drug. You want more and more of that power to fill the void where your rationality, integrity and self-esteem should have been. Human beings have an objective need for integrity and purpose. You can squander that need on things like drugs or power, or you can actually DO something with your life. It doesn’t take a psychologist to see that the career politicians we have let take over our Imperial City and Deep State are not rational, decent people. They’re more like legalized mobsters. And like all criminals and sociopaths, they feel entitled to what’s not theirs. Trump has mostly restored a little freedom. He hangs tight to the First and Second Amendments. He gave productive Americans back some of their money in taxes. He has loosened regulations so people may work, produce, grow and flourish. It’s a power release. Not nearly the degree we need — but it’s a start. Democrats wish to seize everything and control everything we think, say and do. They are truly totalitarian. Their need to control is like a drug. President Trump’s policies do not represent a power grab. He doesn’t need the money, and has undoubtedly lost a lot by becoming President.

President Trump is not a flawless man. Nobody is. But he’s a decent man, because he made his own way in life and he sincerely loves the country he’s trying to preserve. He wants Americans to be free. He recognizes that socialism is wrong and bad. He can see that the Chinese are Communists and socialists who have rigged the game in their favor — just like the Democrats and career Republicans have done in the USA. Trump started out as a pragmatic Republican. And he still is that. But Democrats have gone so far to the left that he’s now our only remaining firewall against a dictatorship. Against a dictatorship that THEY accuse him of wanting to impose when, in fact, THEY are the ones who will impose it.

It’s crazy. But that’s where we are.

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