“Climate Strikes” are Absurd and Hilarious

The latest form of virtue-signaling — especially among brainwashed students? “Climate strikes”. The idea is that students should leave their classrooms as a form of protest against the fact that fossil fuels are still legal. They encourage grown-ups to do the same. Doctors, teachers, nurses, architects, engineers, car mechanics … You should all leave your jobs and bring down the productive engine of our economy (temporarily) as a form of protest against … what, exactly?

The very idea of a “strike” against fossil fuels is hilarious and absurd. Normally, a strike is supposed to better the interests of the person who engages in it. A worker goes on strike so he can get higher wages. A pilot goes on strike so he can get saner flying hours. A trucker goes on strike to negotiate a better benefits package. How well unions and strikes work out may be another question. But the appeal of strikes has always been the furtherance of the individual’s interests — as well as the furtherance of the interests of mankind.

A “climate strike” against fossil fuels is a gigantic foot-stomping exercise. It’s a shrieking and screaming over the fact that human civilization as we know it requires fossil fuels in order to survive. If fossil fuels were outlawed tomorrow, 95 percent (if not 100 percent) of us would perish almost instantly. Enacting the Green New Deal would make a Stephen King novel look like a Disney movie. Even teenagers and 20-year-olds are smart enough to comprehend this fact. Sadly, so many of them have been brainwashed so badly they either cannot or will not ever think for themselves, assuming they ever did.

I can’t believe I live in a time where materially speaking, life has never been better; and yet thousands go on strike against this glorious fact! Instead of being inspired to find even better ways to make our civilization function — including the development of cleaner, more efficient and still feasible forms of energy — we instead see large numbers of people DEMANDING that civilization be shut down.

When you strike for the sake of destroying your own ability to function and survive in your life as you know it, then all you’re doing is promoting suicide-homicide. There’s nothing idealistic about it. In fact, it’s about the sickest and most evil thing I could ever imagine. Shame on these young people and — much more — shame on the Communist, socialist, and fascist adults who have brainwashed them.


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