The Creeps We Still Call “Journalists”

Why is anyone surprised about the attempted Kavanaugh smear?

It’s what totalitarians and dictators do. They aren’t after truth. They could not care less about women, the oppressed or anyone’s rights. They don’t care about the Supreme Court, either — unless the Supreme Court delivers opinions and results they want.

You have to understand that today’s leftists — and the people who support them — have the mentality of dictators. To them, there is no such thing as objective truth. Reality and facts do not trump their feelings and opinions.

First it’s “the hell with truth”. Next, it’s “the hell with your rights”. It’s that simple. America’s left has morphed into tomorrow’s dictators, should we ever give them the full power they desperately crave and obviously feel entitled to hold.

Most journalists today — I’m sorry to say — are bad people. I call them bad people because they use the tools of journalism (a noble calling) to advance a blatantly false narrative all in the defense of a left-wing, basically Communist or fascist-like ideology that justifies anything they care to justify.

That’s why an attempted smear like the badly managed one in the last several days against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is a no-brainer … quite literally.

[from The Daily Wire] “The New York Times is taking serious heat from all sides for publishing a disastrous Opinion section article this past weekend that alleges U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh forced his penis into the hand of a female student at Yale back in the 1980s. The article completely omits the fact that the alleged victim does not even remember the alleged event.”

Of course it does. Most of today’s journalists are not journalists. They don’t look for facts to report. They look for facts to distort, in order to reinforce or advance their ideology.

The only proper ideology, if you wish to use the term, is REASON. Reason is grounded in facts and logic. Reason is only after objective truth. Reason does not seek to wipe out President Donald Trump, nor to particularly uphold him, either. Reason simply seeks to know and articulate the truth. It proves itself right through honest reporting, when the context is journalism.

If America installed a dictatorship tomorrow, the newly sanctioned state-run media would act EXACTLY like The New York Times, The Washington Post, MSNBC, CNN and all the others do now. In fact, a dictatorship could not ask for a better crew.

That’s sad and sick, given that on some level we still have a free press, a free country and a First Amendment. We no longer can count on any of them to practice objectivity, nor even the pretense of objectivity.

We won’t have a free country much longer, at least not if we listen to these dishonest creeps who call themselves journalists. Fortunately, they’re revealing more and more (on a daily basis) just how deeply rotten they all really are.



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