What John Bolton’s Firing Says About President Trump & Republicans

Trump fired National Security Advisor John Bolton. Sadly, this was probably inevitable.

Bolton was more of the Bush school where you strategize long-term, complex wars to fight the bad guys. We really have had enough of those. President Trump is less inclined to go to war for its own sake, although he’s no pacifist, either. Consider how swiftly and decisively Trump and his first Defense Secretary wiped out ISIS.

The Trump-Bolton split signifies the split in the Republican/conservative side along the lines of conventional Republicans vs. Rand Paul types. The rational solution is the Reagan method: Peace through strength. Lots and lots and lots of strength — so much so that the bad guys will never dare attack you. Moral courage matters too. I know Trump and Bolton agreed on these core values.

Both men love the country. Both men believe and know there are BAD guys who seek to destroy our freedom. Both want the GOOD guys to win and the BAD ones to lose.

This is no longer a non-controversial point, incredibly. The Democrats and leftists — we now understand — are actually on the other side. We saw that in Obama’s giveaway to Iran several years ago, and the lefties are even worse now.

So it’s too bad they could not make it work. Bolton was an intellectual, while President Trump is more a man of action. While practicality and action matter, those qualities need to be integrated with the intellect.

Regardless, we are far better off with Trump than with the overt enemies of American freedom who now dominate the Democratic leftist side.


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