Most of America is not crazy. Not all Democrats and leftists are crazy. Their views are crazy. Their voting habits are crazy, because their votes will destroy the greatest, most prosperous and most moral (yes, moral) society in human history. But most of these leftists live their daily lives in at least somewhat rational ways, earning a living, stopping at red lights and refraining from kicking the dog.

It’s the culture that’s crazy.

We need a new culture. The View, Colin Kaepernick and Jimmy Kimmel simply won’t cut it. I realize Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine may be too much to ask for. But Michael Moore? Seriously? And Pete Buttigieg? And AOC? What kind of culture elevates and celebrates these people?

How I’d love to live in a culture where Ayn Rand and Aristotle were at least taken seriously – instead of belittled by sycophantic lunatics who have never critically read anything they’ve written. Instead, we get Sean Penn.

It’s not merely that these big-mouthed celebrities are universally leftist, irrational and socialist. It’s that they’re… well, frankly dumb. If we must face adversaries, can’t they at least be strong and intelligent? At least a little?

The things they say are incredibly stupid. It started, years ago, with Leonardo DiCaprio (hero of the hit movie Titanic) singing the praises of the Cuban health care system. It’s rotten and horrible, and DiCaprio knows as well as we do that nobody would choose it over even the worst clinic in America. But it’s virtue-signaling, which is all that matters. And it’s EQUAL. Equally rotten, but equal.

With all the virtue-signaling we see today, it’s exactly the same mentality.

These are not the arguments of worthy opponents. They’re beyond the realm of stupid. They’re so absurd that they’re hilarious. Until you wake up one day and realize one of the two major political parties now stands for exactly what we have seen in socialist Cuba and Venezuela – and we’re only an election away from living under it. And President Donald Trump is our only remaining firewall!

Our culture is insane. It’s more than socialism, although that’s enough to qualify as insanity. It’s the repeated stating of false viewpoints that the person stating them KNOWS are false. I cannot give examples, because Facebook and Twitter will only block me again. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING.

It’s not the opinions themselves. It’s the DARING implicit in the whole charade. “Go ahead. Challenge me with facts or logic. I dare you. I’ll get you blocked on social media. I’ll have your license. I’ll have your reputation. I’ll have your freedom, if I can. I’ll have you universally condemned”. It’s the underlying mentality of being at war with reality itself. It’s not just the facts they dispute … it’s your ability and willingness to refer to (obvious) facts they condemn most of all.

THAT’s what’s so dishonorable and unworthy about it all. And truly sick.

Culture matters. It’s not just an empty abstraction. It’s real. It’s the thing millions of Americans rebel against when they vote for President Trump. His presidency isn’t about politics. It is, in part. But Trump’s political policies are those of a right-leaning Republican pragmatist. He’s not a revolutionary. Not in his tax bills or spending proposals. Nor his border policies. He’s only doing what most Republicans, and even many Democrats, have talked about for decades – and then, once elected, never even try to deliver.

President Trumps’s a revolutionary in his ability and willingness to take on the culture. The culture is crazy. Trump SEEMS crazy, to some, because he takes on that culture. But it’s actually the sanest thing to happen in our culture in a very long time.

Bravo, President Trump, for what you’re doing. We must name it, so we can understand it. You can’t give us a new culture. But you sure make the insanity of the present one a hell of a lot more bearable.



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