“Red Flag” Laws: A Red Flag for Tyranny

“Red flag” laws mean: You can petition the government to “take away” a person’s rights, e.g. to own a gun. How do you “take away” another’s rights? Rights are inalienable. They cannot be voted away. They cannot be “taken away” by an emotional family member or a petty local judge or cop.

Any law that does so is brazenly unconstitutional.

Even President Trump is falling for it. It’s total madness.

Get this straight: You have a RIGHT to defend yourself and to own whatever weapons you deem necessary to do so. If you’re a convicted felon, that’s one thing. But just because somebody FEELS you could become a felon does not mean you ARE one.

Nobody else can report you to the government because, in their opinion, you shouldn’t have those rights, at least right now.

How long before we have “red flag” laws against free speech? Or ownership of your home, or your car?

By what means and standards are local police or judges supposed to override the sovereign rights of the individual? What the hell ever happened to the Bill of Rights?

These laws won’t stop shootings. Killers will always get their hands on guns. We have to become a better society, and — sadly — we have to arm ourselves to protect ourselves. Red flag laws are as stupid as everything else proposed nowadays.

If this happens, America is finally over.


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