Leftists Ignore Sexual Harassment in their Own Circles

Whatever motivates these horrible people we call leftists or Democrats in polite company, it certainly is NOT respect for women, the rights of individuals or rational, decent behavior. All that matters to them is POWER.

“Lucy Flores Suffers Backlash After Accusing Joe Biden of Inappropriate Touching”

Lucy Flores, a woman who last year accused former Vice President Joe Biden of inappropriate touching five years ago at a campaign event, has faced backlash from fellow Democrats, she told the Washington Post in a recent interview.

“It has been hurtful [and] disappointing to see so many people who claim to uphold this higher standard, who claim to be feminists, who claim to be pro-woman and yet will turn a blind eye to inappropriate behavior if it’s done by someone they really like,” Flores told the Post in the August 4 piece. [Breitbart News, Washington Post 8-6-19]


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