Facebook Jail: Dress Rehearsal for Dictatorship

I’m back–for now. It wasn’t the first and won’t be the last time Facebook bans my posts. This time, they didn’t say why. None of my posts were removed. They blocked me … because they can. And their link to an appeal took you to a non-working page.

It’s not news to most of us, but it’s still worth repeating: Facebook blocking is not about stopping “hate speech”, which they won’t even define. It’s about stopping non-leftist thought from proliferating. Ditto for Twitter and YouTube.

As a private company, they cannot stop dissension. Eventually, we the thinking people will go elsewhere. The market can provide and ultimately, I think, will provide. But it has not yet provided.

As government agents, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube could stop dissension. America’s corporations already possess the mentality and psychology required for a dictatorship.

In just one or two elections, that could all be in place — especially if the current hard-core leftist candidates mean only 10 percent of what they say.

These absurd, arbitrary blocking policies are nothing more than a dress rehearsal for total dictatorship. Listen to the leftists … it’s what they want.

Happy posting and Happy First Amendment … for now.

It’s your republic, America. But only YOU can keep it.


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