The Rich Are Not Rich By Accident, de Blasio

“We will tax the hell out of the wealthy to make this a fairer country.” NY Mayor de Blasio said in last night’s Democratic debate.

Most rich people are not rich by accident. They are smart. They will find ways to hide their money, even legally. And if they can’t, this means they will spend less on investment, less on their employees, or less money buying luxury items that are part of our economic system. Government will take that money and flush it down the toilet, spending on corrupt cronies and partners in parasitism.

Mayor de Blasio prides himself on being the lunatic fringe. But he speaks for everyone in his party, who only quibble over 70 vs 90 percent tax rates. They hate wealth. They hate prosperity. They want to destroy success and achievement. Socialism is hate, envy, small-mindedness and nasty, insecure resentment. Anyone who supports it has reason to feel shame.



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