“Medicare for All”: What Could POSSIBLY Go Wrong?

“Medicare for All”. Who can argue with that? No more struggles with medical care. No more worries about cost or insurance. You simply go to the doctor … and it’s free.

Why SHOULD you have to worry about money?

There are so many fallacies here. One you will hear little about in the coming presidential campaign: the rights of doctors. Also the rights of nurses, and all the allied health care professionals.

Kamala Harris — the last I checked — was the new front runner for the Democratic Party, at least according to the media. A few weeks back, Harris said we simply have to get rid of private health insurance. Her comrades say the same thing. HOW we will do that remains unclear. Will she issue an edict on 1/21/21, demanding that health insurance companies be immediately disbanded? Will the government simply nationalize private insurance companies, invading their offices and seizing their assets, as in a banana republic?

But there’s another factor, regardless of how private insurance is handled. Will doctors be permitted to contract with patients on a private basis? Will hospitals be able to do the same? What if doctors and/or patients don’t want to deal with the government? Or will the federal government MANDATE that all doctors must receive their payment through the government, following all the government’s rules and procedures?

That’s the key. Because once you violate the rights of doctors to make mutually agreeable deals with patients, then you violate the rights of patients at the same time.

Perhaps you’re callous and stupid enough not to care about the doctors. “I’m entitled to my medical care. It’s my right. I couldn’t care less about the people providing it”. Through their evasiveness and non-thinking, I’m guessing that’s about where half the American population is, appallingly. I would place all serious leftist Democrats in this category, because that’s the reasoning they imply when they scream, “Medicare for all”.

But even if we forget the doctors and their rights, as if they were inanimate objects, what about yourself? What does it mean for YOU if you want to take an offer negotiated by a particular hospital or health care provider? What if your life depended on it? What if you don’t have AOC’s, Bernie Sanders’ or Elizabeth Warren’s connections, and you need surgery NOW? You and a hospital negotiate a loan. But the federal government says you must wait your turn, perhaps many months as in Canada or Britain, where they have Medicare for all. What then?

Imagine if the government passed a law saying nobody can home school. Or nobody can go to a private school. EVERYBODY must go to a government-run school. Would you call it Communism then? And if you would, is Communism what you want for your body, mind and overall well-being? Are you willing to stake your life on the word of politicians who routinely lie every moment of their public lives?

Do you SERIOUSLY think accountable people considered worthy and competent by the likes of our politicians will ensure you live the long, healthy life to which you feel you’re entitled?

If you ARE that stupid, then I suppose you deserve what you get.

I sincerely hope people don’t fall for it when they’re served up the idea of “Medicare for all” in the coming year. So much is at stake here. Our lives literally depend on it.



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