Is Mockery by President Trump “Presidential”?

RINO types (“Republicans in Name Only”) claim President Trump isn’t “presidential” because he mocks others. For example, he mocked Antifa for their cowardice in wearing masks so their parents — with whom they live — won’t know who they are. And he mocks irrational members of Congress for claiming to love America when they attack capitalism, the Bill of Rights, church-state separation, or when they claim to hate racism while openly disparaging Jews.

Is it unpresidential to mock others? Not in today’s context. Those of us who are NOT leftist have experienced mockery for years. “You’re not a Republican are you? Tell me you are NOT a Trump supporter! Ayn Rand, you say? Are you out of your mind?”

We, the dissenters of the world, know the sneers well.

So President Trump’s mockery is justice, for one thing. Two wrongs DO make a right when the alleged “wrong” isn’t really wrong. I don’t mind that people mock me, not when I know I’m right and I know they’re wrong. If anything, I pity them for being wrong, ignorant and even stupid.

The only thing that upsets me is when stupid or bad people gain power over others — through the legalized criminality of what our government now mostly is. Then I get upset. But it’s valid to be upset when sociopaths or other dysfunctional people get unearned power over victims (including myself or people I love.)

Back in the 1980s, the last time conservatives had an effective President — Ronald Reagan — it was very different. In those times people thought it was rough and cynical. And, compared to the 1950s (when I wasn’t alive), it probably was. But today’s era makes the 1980s look like the most idealized form of the 1950s. Today is utterly ruthless, culturally speaking. It’s hard, it’s raw and it’s mean.

Nobody but a President Trump could ever have navigated today’s nasty, amoral and ruthless leftist world as a conservative. Literally nobody.

And it was like that LONG before Donald Trump announced his run for the Presidency. It came to a climax in the Obama years. Barack Obama routinely mocked anyone who wasn’t a Democrat. His mockery wasn’t as obvious as President Trump’s, but he was not as gifted an entertainer as Trump obviously knows how to be. Obama would not negotiate with conservatives on Obamacare, tax rates or anything. He sneered daily. He made millions of us sick at the sound of his voice. Joe Biden famously called people who don’t support Obamacare “terrorists”. Obama himself mocked entrepreneurs, job-creators and wealth-creators by telling them, “You didn’t build that”. THESE kinds of jabs are far more sinister than Donald Trump ever dishes out. The media and other self-proclaimed moralists ignore all of them, but they’re real, just the same.

Mocking others is fine — when it’s deserved. And today, given the hostility, hatred and mocking routinely handed out by leftists against anyone who does not share their world view, it’s entirely justified.

Mock leftists? They have it coming. The enormity of leftist contradictions, evasions, errors and double standards has reached and surpassed the point of absurdity. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her cohorts are literal walking caricatures. They almost don’t seem real, they are so insane. Neither Ayn Rand nor George Orwell — gifted as they were — could EVER have dreamed up characters on this scale of absurdity. Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden are little better.

Mock away, President Trump. I am one of the millions cheering you on.



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