Why Emotionalists Like Ilhan Omar Are Always Dictators

“Four far-left congresswomen held a press conference on Monday about recent tweets from President Donald Trump that they claimed were racist and, during the press conference, they proceeded to melt down, making multiple false statements and refusing to answer specific questions from reporters.

Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) hosted the press conference to address recent attacks from Trump, who has highlighted their behavior and said they are anti-American.”  [Daily Wire 7-16-19]

Psychologically, these women are emotionalists. An “emotionalist” is someone for whom feelings are truth, not facts. And logic, to such a person, does not compete with feelings. That’s why they band together like a tribe. They reinforce each other’s feelings. The unspoken agreement among such people is, “I won’t challenge you with facts if you won’t challenge me with facts”.

It’s highly neurotic. But when mixed with real power, it’s dangerous. That’s why “moderate” Democrats, if any still exist, have got to wake up. These crazy, evil women are now the face of their party.

Refusing to take questions from reporters is no accident, either. Reporters–even ones overwhelmingly biased in favor of leftists, as most are–are bothersome to emotionalists. They will bring up facts. Emotionalists don’t like facts. They resent facts, and they resent people who bring them up.

The deeper issue is accountability. Reason and logic say, “Even if you feel this way about your words or actions, you could be wrong”. Women like this do not see themselves as capable of being wrong. When you even hint they might be, they go into a rage. Hence the meltdown after President Trump’s perfectly reasonable tweets inviting them to go back to their homelands if they despise America as much as they say they do. That’s also why their political ideology is authoritarian. They like philosophies that give them an excuse to rule by their feelings.

Emotionalists are also dictators. They don’t answer to anyone or anything except their feelings. In your personal life, an emotionalist is a bother, or an annoyance. But when put in power, they’re dangerous. Hitler was an emotionalist. Stalin was too. All dictators are. These women are no exception.

They are would-be killers. Make no mistake about them. I consider the voters who keep supporting them no less innocent.


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