The New P.C.: Hate America and Call It “American”

The new P.C. is showing your hatred of the United States — while claiming that’s American.

In some narrow adolescent context, it might make a little sense. A teenager’s attitude toward his parents, for example: “I’m rebelling against you because I can. It might not make sense, even from my own self-interested point-of-view. No matter. It’s the principle of the thing”.

Teenagers don’t say it this way, of course, but it’s often the underlying idea. Sometimes teens rebel against truly irrational and bad parents. Most of the time they rebel against people who truly love them, and on some level the teenager knows it. It’s just a phase. It’s still an error.

It might be excusable or understandable for a teenager. But a grown adult? When representing the United States at a sports event? How is that excusable?

And don’t give me the crap about not supporting President Trump, and having a right not to support him. First of all, if an athlete had given that excuse for disparaging the United States during President Obama’s term, it would have been the media equivalent of a nuclear bomb. The same people virtue-signaling approval today when a female soccer player brags about her “pro-American anti-Americanism” would be soaked in outrage over her daring to challenge the greatest and smartest man who ever lived (in their eyes), Barack Obama.

You can dislike President Trump, if you wish. You’re under no obligation to pay homage to any U.S. official. I would not go to the White House to shake hands with President Obama or (perish the thought) President Biden or President Warren, if I had won an internationally watched soccer game. But if you love the freedom and individual rights that the United States at least originally stood for (and in some measure still does), then you would not take it out on the flag or the national anthem. You would show respect for the flag NOT because it’s a flag, and not out of blind patriotism, but because the flag represents the thing that’s hopefully most important to you, in a political context: your individual rights. Your freedom.

If you detested President Trump because you believe he’s anti-freedom, you certainly would not rush to be honored by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and the other creepy members of Congress who now seek to obliterate all of our freedoms. These politicians do the equivalent of spit on the American flag every day by attempting to violate right after right — to self-defense; to keep what you earn; to choose your doctor; to choose your own school for your kid; to own a weapon for self-protection; to say what you think even if it’s not leftism; and to NOT have to pay for the doctors or schools of everyone else on the planet.

You either love your freedom, or you don’t. Since the United States flag and anthem stand for freedom and individual rights, you don’t disparage them because you dislike the current President. And you don’t support candidates for office who would take our remaining freedoms and transform us into an economically and politically totalitarian state. How on earth can you despise President Trump for giving back a LITTLE bit of our freedom while embracing the Democratic socialists who seek to obliterate it all?

So many of us are SICK at the sight of this soccer player whose name I will stop repeating. It’s what she represents. I detest her because I detest her open pride in despising the things I love: not President Trump, but my freedom.

I hate her with my whole heart and mind… BECAUSE of what I love, which is my liberty.

If you value yourself and your life, then so should you.




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