Amazon’s Tyranny

Amazon Bans Books On Gay ‘Conversion Therapy’ [Daily Wire]

A private company has the right to ban whatever it wishes. But would Amazon, as a leftist corporation that gives money to Democrats and socialists, honor the same right for conservative companies to ban leftists? It’s doubtful.

And where will Amazon draw the line? Will it ban books on other forms of therapy they disagree with? What are their criteria? What about medicine? Or gardening? Or flooring for your house?

Why do masters of the universe employed by Amazon get to decide what may or may not be read, while lesser mortals would face condemnation or lawsuits?

I know that conversion therapy for homosexuality is BS and futile. But that’s not the point. Amazon’s arrogance and one-sided positions are the kind of tyranny making millions of us more enraged by the minute.


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