Let’s Drive Google Crazy!

A Google official, exposed on a Project Veritas undercover video, admits to blocking non-leftists and openly advocates for Democratic election victories. Surprise, surprise!

How did Google respond to the Project Veritas video? It blocked it, of course. It took the video down, but not before tens of thousands (perhaps millions) had seen or downloaded it.

The problem? Google provides money, support and technological skill to socialist, fascist and Democratic leftists. The next time leftists hold total control over the government, dissenters will face government policy that’s a lot like Google policy today.

THAT’S the problem.

The good news is that even Google cannot control everything. And left-wing Facebook and Twitter cannot take down every single post offensive to their leftist views. They would go bankrupt trying. Facebook and Google are NOT governments. They do not have the power to jail, intimidate or prosecute. If and when Democrats and leftists regain total control of the government, it may be a different story.

For now, the best way to oppose these left-wing tyrants is to post, post, post and repost like there’s no tomorrow. And hopefully, before long, the market will produce a “safe space” for non-leftists to express their ideas and views, not unlike Fox News did for cable news 25 years ago.

In the meantime, do all you can to drive leftist tyrants crazy. It’s not hard. Most of them have a running start in the crazy department. Evil cannot win when the good is loud, vocal and in their faces.


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