Trump Reduces Leftist Power By Reducing the Number on Food Stamps

If food stamps are needed to keep people from starving, then why are the 2.5 million households OFF food stamps (under Trump) NOT starving?

It seems that the point of food stamps is NOT to eliminate starvation. The point of food stamps is to make socialists, leftists and Democrats FEEL like they’re virtuous (they’re not). The point is also to exercise POWER and CONTROL over others, by making them permanently dependent on the government.

When the government holds a gun to one person’s head and says “hand it over” to someone else — no questions asked, no rational judgment involved — then we’re not talking about charity. We’re talking about irrationality and evil, plain and simple.

If you believe in charity, that’s fine. Then join or start a charity. Stop using the force of government to coerce and shape people into what you think they ought to be.

Government-mandated social welfare programs do not refer to “good intentions gone wrong”. They are actually bad, sick, twisted and all about power. It’s time not just to reduce them, but to eliminate them.


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