Does Violence Go Away With Guns Going Away?

Our “leaders” tell us: Outlaw guns. If you outlaw guns, the violence will stop.

Seems logical. At least if you’re stupid and refuse to think.

Yes, there’s this problem: outlawing guns will not get rid of them. But let’s fantasize, for a moment, that the gun control utopia is real. And that outlawing guns WILL get rid of them.

We still must grapple with the fact that more people than ever before want to be violent. Latest example: Shooting at a graduation party in Philadelphia the other night.

Guns or no guns, the fact remains: More people wish to be violent than ever before. So even if you CAN take away their guns (you can’t), what then? Where will the violence go?

Are we to believe that the presence of a gun creates the need to be violent? And that if you take away the gun, the desire to be violent goes away? Or that the desire to be violent won’t turn to another weapon? Like a knife? Or a rock? Or strangulation?

Chicago has strict gun control. It’s probably the most violent city in America now. Ditto for London. London even has a Muslim mayor who hates President Trump. According to leftists and gun control freaks, that’s paradise. I have enjoyed visiting London in the past, but you couldn’t get me near there now. Same for Chicago. Gun control doesn’t work.

The right to self-defense is one of the most important issues of our time. But it’s also a metaphor for everything else. To swallow the idea of gun control, you have to be intellectually dishonest. You have to NOT be a critical thinker. In fact, it’s better that you not think at all, in order to swallow gun control. Quite frankly, you have to be willingly stupid.

So too with everything else. I am ashamed, concerned and sometimes frightened to live in a society where millions of people — perhaps a plurality, at times — are ready to fall for socialism, gun control and other absurd fantasies that get people killed, over and over again, every single time and place they’re tried.

Just imagine what human beings would be capable of if we let go of these life-killing ideas.


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