Is It Time to Move On from “Gay Pride”?

I don’t get the concept of “gay pride”. The same applies for any form of racial or ethnic pride — black pride, Hispanic pride, Italian-American pride, and all the rest.

You don’t choose your race. You don’t choose your sexual orientation. You choose to accept your sexual orientation, but you don’t simply choose it.

“Pride” applies to something you CHOOSE. Not to something you inherit, or that’s given.

Pride refers to accomplishment or achievement. Pride does not refer to the status of your DNA or biological make-up. The latter sounds a lot like Nazism, if you ask me.

If you inherited a billion dollars, you’d be happy. You might be proud of the relative who honestly earned that billion dollars you now enjoy. And, later on, you might be proud of your ability to hold onto it, or invest it wisely. But you wouldn’t be proud of the fact you inherited it. That would be silly.

It seems so obvious. Yet in our times, to state the obvious gets you branded a “racist”, a “homophobe” or something of the sort. Just ask President Trump. Just ask anyone who doesn’t agree with the typical, vapid Hollywood or rock star celebrity on matters of philosophy, economics and human nature.

“Pride” advocates assume you have one of two choices about your sexual orientation: pride or shame. How about neither one?

It seems to me that “gay pride” events, if they ever served a purpose, have outlived that purpose. I can understand wanting to tell people, “I’m gay, and I’m not ashamed of it.” In more oppressed times, that probably mattered.

But get real. A socially conservative majority on the Supreme Court upheld the legality of gay marriage in 2012. In that moment, we knew times had changed forever. The time for shame, repression and claims of oppression has passed. So has the time for false victimization.

Move on.


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