Pete Buttigieg: “Donald Trump is Mean!”

Democratic presidential contender Pete Buttigieg told a child at a rally that President Trump is “really mean”. He added that people should vote for him, not Trump, because he’s the opposite of Trump — presumably, really nice.

It takes a child to accept such logic. Because nobody with even a sliver of a functioning brain would accept such garbage, even on its own terms.

Buttigieg wants Thomas Jefferson removed from our culture. Thomas Jefferson stood for individual rights. Jefferson authored the Declaration of Independence, which not only declared America’s independence from Britain, but the individual’s independence from the chains of tyranny. It was Jefferson’s ideas that ultimately made the elimination of slavery inevitable.

Buttigieg wants Jefferson deleted. How nice is this?

Buttigieg, like all the Democrats, wants command-and-control socialism. This means letting the Department of Health and Human Services in D.C. pick your doctor and your medical treatments.

How nice is this?

This means taxes through the roof, as high as 70 percent or even 90 percent if you’re successful. How NICE is this?

How fair and just is this? How helpful is this to the people counting on achievers (the people leftists seek to enslave with 90 percent tax rates) to create jobs, build bridges and invent new life-saving technologies for them?

Socialism is the MEANEST ideology ever devised. And remember that Buttigieg also supports obliterating the Second Amendment with gun bans and defying the First Amendment with speech codes against the politically incorrect. Speech codes which, ironically, would punish critics of Islam most severely, an ideology whose advocates in government (e.g. Iran) would have Buttigieg beheaded for his homosexuality in a heartbeat.

How nice is Communism? How nice is it to leave people defenseless against criminals who (rest assured) WILL be armed? If you doubt what I’m saying, read about the murders overtaking Chicago, the gun control capital of the world. London too.

Everything about socialism and leftism is MEAN. The fact that Buttigieg advocates these mean policies with a smile means nothing. Adolf Hitler smiled too. So did Stalin, Hugo Chavez of Venezulea, Mao of Red China and any banana republic dictator at the peak of his power.

Enslaving your fellow man at the point of a government gun is not nice. Only a child would believe this.

And that’s what most leftists are, sadly: Children. Emotionally and intellectually. Their ideology is the meanest as well as the stupidest ever conceived. Only a child would buy it.


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