Why President Trump Has GOT to Win

According to the results of a CBS poll conducted between May 17-20, the chances of President Trump getting elected look pretty strong, as the poll found 71% of respondents felt the economy was in good shape. 94% of Republicans and 66% of Independents agreed, and even an astonishing 60% of Democrats echoed the sentiment. [The Daily Wire]

Of course, as we learned in 2016, polls no longer matter that much. It’s a combination of changing technology, outdated polling methods based on the pre-smart phone era and (most of all) shameless media bias.

However, when a left-wing media outlet like CBS conducts polls intended to make President Trump look bad, it tells you something that his chances for reelection look good.

Joe Biden may be measuring drapes for the White House as we speak. But that same arrogance and complacency got Hillary Clinton into a lot of trouble the last time around. And the Electoral College, like the Constitution itself, cannot merely be wished away. We know that because the people supporting President Trump won’t let it happen — not without a huge fight.

We already know what it looks like when losers and snowflakes protest. Plastic pink vaginas and signs saying, “Gimme free college, gimme free health care” and all the rest. What will mass protests with productive, freedom-loving and rational, self-responsible people look like? If Democrats gain any more ground than they already have, we’re going to find out.

The biggest threat to the economy other than the fact we still have way too many taxes and government controls are the debt and deficit. If you listen to the aging but still intelligent and perceptive Alan Greenspan, when he occasionally appears on Fox Business, you’ll hear his reasons why, and I agree with him that debts and deficits matter. The other concern? Tariffs. Tariffs hurt the country who imposes them as much, if not more, than the countries they’re designed to punish. There’s some indication President Trump understands this, and if he does, they might not be much of a problem. Time will tell.

Outside of tariffs, and even with tariffs, there’s no competition between the two parties any longer, not for reasonable people. The Republican Party wants a mixed economy — the hybrid mixture of social welfare and semi-capitalism we’ve had for many decades. Full economic freedom is the answer — yes, unhampered capitalism — but since most don’t agree, the mixed economy will have to do, for now.

The Democratic Party wants all-out socialism. In fact, with their willingness to routinely wish away the entire Bill of Rights, that party has moved closer to a hybrid of leftist fascism and Communism. They’re so horrible that even former President Obama tells them to dial it back a little. They are out of control. Joe Biden will not be a moderating influence because he goes along to get along, so long as you like him. Give these new hard, mean leftists all of Congress and the executive branch, and they will absolutely ruin America in a way from which we will never recover. It could lead to something truly terrible like civil war or civil breakdown.

We are already in the psychological equivalent of a civil war now. It’s not resolvable, because one side no longer wants us to be free.

The Democratic Party is now the threat to the Constitution that external threats such as the Nazis and the Communists once were. Yes, it’s that bad. They want your guns and they want your free speech. They want to regulate social media so as to take it over and stamp out all dissension. The social media companies want to be taken over in this way, because most of them are run by hard-core leftists who want their ideological views imposed as the law of the land, and who are smart enough to know it can’t be done without government force.

I’m not saying the Democratic Party will get away with it. But they will try. They are already trying to wipe out the Constitution. Watch their words and actions on a daily basis. They are aliens to liberty-lovers, yet in their own little leftist enclaves they are the rational beacons of truth and the way of the future. Just like Communists in the old days. And just as brutal.

So President Trump has got to win in 2020. And we have to start looking beyond his terms. Even with two terms, President Trump will not be around forever. And I know of no highly visible Republicans who are not, frankly, weenies. It will take something better and stronger to lead us out of this mess. Remember that President Trump is not and never really was a Republican — thank goodness. And he has made an amazing start in a totally hostile, rotten and truly deplorable cultural and government establishment.

We still have unsustainable debts, deficits, and a government monopoly on most of health care and education that has to be broken. Our bodies, minds and sacred individual liberties are at stake. They will probably always be under attack, because control freaks will always be with us. But never has the threat to American liberty been so much created by forces within the country itself–corporate leftists, media and entertainment leftists, and the Democratic deep state.

President Trump has got to win. But it will take more than President Trump to get us out of this mess. It’s a long battle ahead.



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