Joe Biden: If He Only Had a Brain

“Joe Biden tells young activists he started push to tackle climate change in 1987”, according to Fox News. Yippee!! Joe Biden is the new Al Gore. How cool!

Biden the Buffoon counts on young people NOT to consider the fact that if the Green New Deal had been enacted back in 1987, there would now be no airplane travel; no transportation of goods via airplanes; gas prices would be so high that almost certainly nobody could afford gas, and certainly not young people; jobs and careers would be at a minimum, leaving most people (especially young persons) dependent on a pittance from the government, or perhaps their parents. The Internet as we know it would be worthless because, among other reasons, FedEx and UPS would not be able to ship the millions of dollars in goods that people — including young people — purchase off the Internet every single day.

You can’t be a snowflake under socialism — even when that socialism is the color green.

Life as we know it would be non-existent if Joe Biden had his way back in 1987. In 2019, we’d be talking about 1987 as the “good old days” of prosperity and comfort that young people will never understand.

Not that Joe’s telling the truth. Which is something else he’s counting on young people to believe: That he actually WANTED the radical, dangerous Communist-socialist variety of environmentalism that now all Democrats thunder from the political pulpit we must follow, like the latter-day Puritanical preachers masquerading as “progressives” they claim to be.

There’s no evidence that he did. If you examine Joe’s record, he has generally gone along to get along throughout his 50 years as a career politician. Joe Biden not only lacks a brain; he lacks courage, integrity and foresight as well — even by the faulty leftist environmentalist whacko standards he now claims to embrace.

If young people buy Biden’s prevarications and preposterous baloney, then America is finished, for sure. And I suppose Joe the Buffoon is the perfect idiot to be their leader to usher in America’s descent into impoverishment.



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