“NFL’s Baker Mayfield Rips School For Dropping Valedictorian: ‘People Are Too Soft’ “

Given how many sports celebrities share their ignorance, I applaud this one for sharing his intelligence. However, the truth is much worse than he says. Being “soft” is a weakness, but it’s not the worst thing.

The worst thing is being so afraid of being seen as “too hard” that you punish strength, success and achievement in the process. It’s virtue-signaling, based on a standard that’s the opposite of virtue, for the sake of how one looks. That’s all it is. Not mental health, not compassion for the depressed, nothing like that.

As a society, we are letting the most ignorant and morally tiny — like the little twits who run this Ohio school district — dictate what is right and wrong, true or false. It’s much worse than the blind leading the blind. It’s the arrogant and twisted leading the confused and afraid. We have got to move and grow beyond this, if we’re to survive at all. It’s psychological abuse of children to tell them there’s no “best”, and that achievement does not matter. It starts with saying there’s no “best”, and it ends with the idea there is no “worst”, either.

Most of all, we have to stop being afraid. Our intellectual, educational and social leaders are wrong about virtually everything. It’s time to fire them all, and start over with sanity and truth. We have had enough of this — all of it.


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