The Evil, Twisted Rashida Tlaib & the People Who Enable Her

Rashida Tlaib hates America. She hates Jews. She hates Israel, because its success with tolerance and freedom makes the brutality and dictatorship of her own ideology (and her favored countries like Iran) look bad. She simply HATES.

She is the perfect leftist. At the core, leftists are snowflakes. She can’t take the heat, and she shrieks in defensive response that, “I didn’t mean it”, fully knowing that we all know she DID mean it. And if you even criticize her a little for it, she labels you a “hater”, with the full force of an unthinking media, academic and corporate leftist establishment behind her.

Something is deeply and irredeemably wrong with the Americans who voted for Tlaib, and for Americans who don’t have a problem with the things she says and does.

Thank goodness we have President Trump who tweeted, in response to Tlaib’s latest remarks vilifying Jews and minimizing the Holocaust, the following: “Democrat Rep. Tlaib is being slammed for her horrible and highly insensitive statement on the Holocaust. She obviously has tremendous hatred of Israel and the Jewish people. Can you imagine what would happen if I ever said what she said, and says?”

If President Trump had said anything remotely like the vile sickness coming out of Tlaib’s mouth, it would be treated as literally the end of the world. And deservedly so. Of course, President Trump does not hate Jews and does not hate America like Rep. Tlaib does, so he would never say these things.

President Trump understands the plight of non-leftists everywhere. We get raked over the coals for saying anything leftists do not like. They, on the other hand, spew out unimaginable hatred and can count on being applauded for it on The View and Jimmy Kimmel. We live in sick, outrageous times.

Rest assured that she will never be banned on Facebook or Twitter.

It’s critical to speak out against all of it while we still can. Don’t let all that America once stood for — the land of Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln — collapse in despair and ruin represented by the likes of Rashida Tlaib.


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