Democrats: Full Psycho — or Total Evil?

“The truth is out there”. It used to be science fiction. Now it’s real life.

Top Dem NY Rep. Hakeem Jeffries insists Mueller report shows Russia ‘artificially’ installed Trump in White House, says the headline. [Go to Fox News]


His views echo what most Democrats and CNN or MSNBC-watchers choose to believe without any reference to anything resembling reality.

It’s official: The Democratic Party leaders are experiencing symptoms of paranoia and psychosis.

Either that, or they are utterly monstrous liars who care nothing about objective reality and the survival of our country as we know it.

We are in deep, deep trouble if any of these people gain any more power than they currently have.

Wake up, snowflakes. You’re not going to like a society with these sociopaths and psychopaths in charge.


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