Twitter & the Left Prepare Us for Dictatorship

A popular Twitter account mocking Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was hit with a permanent ban after apparently gaining too much steam on the big tech platform. The account, which clearly indicated itself as “parody” in its Twitter name, amassed over 85,000 followers before Twitter shut it down for unclear reasons. [The Daily Wire]

It’s not unclear at all. Socialists and Communists are tyrants. They’re hateful. They’re emotional abusers. Such people cannot tolerate criticism. Poking fun at them is the worst thing, from their point-of-view.

Twitter, like Facebook, is a mouthpiece for left-wing and socialist viewpoints. You’d better believe that sites and posts poking fun at President Donald Trump will NEVER be off-limits on Twitter.

When you mock AOC — something hardly necessary given how she conducts herself on a daily basis — you’re attacking them, i.e., the leftists. “It’s not funny” sums up the leftist attitude, not just toward parody, but toward any and all forms of criticism.

It makes sense, both logically and psychologically. When you are profoundly, deeply and unequivocally wrong about virtually EVERYTHING — human nature, the best form of government, how to engage in cognition — then of course you cannot tolerate it when people point out your errors, whether through parody or any other means.

As I keep saying, the left is psychologically preparing us for dictatorship. We still have a First Amendment, but forums like Facebook and Twitter now operate just as a dictatorship run by left-wing fascists/socialists would have us act. It’s already happening.

I’d tell you to refer back to this post in another few years and see if I’m right that dictatorship (with these trends left unchecked) is on the way. Unfortunately, if I am right, you won’t be able to read this post, nor any others like it. Criticism of the powers that be will be totally against the law, and for all practical purposes gone.

Deplorables, Trump supporters and other dissenting, freedom-minded people have their work cut out for them if we’re to reverse the trend.


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