Why Leftists are anti-Semitic

“New York Times Suspends All Future Syndicated Cartoons Amid Antisemitism Crisis Inside Newspaper”. [Breitbart headline this morning]

To be fair to leftists, they’re not necessarily anti-Semitic. Many Dems are Jewish, after all. The issue is that they love coercion, force and brutality.

The forces aligned against Israel and Judaism are based on the rule of the individual by an all-powerful government. “Islam” literally means “submission”. Israel is free and capitalist compared to totalitarian Islamic-run nations.

Leftists love totalitarianism.

They hate capitalism and economic success, even their own, and similar to anti-Semites of earlier eras they associate this with Jews.

Leftists, including the New York Times, loathe and fear freedom like you could never imagine. They almost can’t help themselves. Like Nazi and Islamic totalitarians, it’s submission they crave.


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