Leftist Media: Despots-in-Waiting

Read “The Media Cheers Government Censorship of the Internet”. It’s another excellent piece by Daniel Greenfield. Incredibly, the American media now supports its own censorship — by a leftist government only, of course.

The American media responses to government censorship in Sri Lanka, detailed here, surpass the label of disgusting. Basically, the leftists want us to believe that censorship by the government is a GOOD thing if it “saves lives”.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? What they really mean is: when it saves their versions of the truth.

Just as they obliterate the Second Amendment with this rationalization, the First Amendment is next. Those are the two last — and most important — consistently protected individual rights in the United States. They were first and second in the Bill of Rights for a reason. I wonder how many snowflake graduates of Common Core even know what the Bill of Rights is, and why it’s important?

Are we going to let the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, The Washington Post, MSNBC and The New York Times select government officials who decide what we may or may not see, think or read? Believe me: Put a Democrat back in the White House and give total control of Congress back to leftists (especially the new Communist sort) … and America is DONE. After President Trump, they will tolerate no more dissension. The attitudes documented in this article represent a horrific parade of despots-in-waiting.

President Donald Trump is not merely doing a good job. He is our last firewall.


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