Another Synagogue Shot Up … Where’s the Outrage, MSNBC?

“Suspect Opens Fire in Synagogue, Good Guy With Gun Shoots Back.” Three injured, one killed. [Breitbart headline, 4-27-19]

So sad, yet so normal in our increasingly anti-Semitic society. Thank you, Democrats and leftists.

The shooter, if convicted, will be a felon.

Bernie Sanders, who supports voting rights for felons, wants his vote. And he will undoubtedly get it. If you were a criminal, wouldn’t you support the criminal enterprise of wealth redistribution and excuse-making for evil?

And will Rachel Maddow or CNN highlight the significance of the good guy with a gun? Not a chance. I don’t think these hacks define “good” the same way you and I do.

The half (or so) of Americans still supporting Democrats — with their openly terrorist, anti-Jewish members of Congress– are morally responsible for what’s happening. It’s not an innocent error on their part. I cut them no slack.


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