Mitt Romney: A True Loser & A Hollow Man

Mitt Romney is a loser…and deserves to be.

Mitt Romney claims he’s “sickened” and “appalled” by President Trump’s supposedly reprehensible behavior described by the politically motivated, non-objective (and ultimately ineffective) Mueller report.

To be credible, Romney would have to be equally sickened and appalled by the actions of former President Obama, Hillary Clinton and others in (1) spying on a major presidential candidate in hopes of preventing his victory; and, (2) acting immorally and illegally in attempting to undermine that President once legitimately elected. Yet he does not seem to care.

We’re supposed to look to Mitt Romney as an upstanding and principled man, yet he only applies his principles when it’s convenient. He applies his principles to Donald Trump — who actually attempts to implement policies Romney himself ran on in 2012 — but not to Democrats in power. Who or what is he defending? It’s not integrity, because he lets Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the Democrats he clearly seems to support more than his own party completely off the hook. How are we to consider him credible?

It’s now clear that the United States didn’t only a dodge a bullet when (to Mitt Romney’s disappointment, no doubt) Hillary Clinton failed to capture the presidency in 2016. The country also dodged a bullet when Mitt Romney failed to do the same in 2012. Of course, we got stuck with another four years of Obama, but in Mitt Romney’s universe that was undoubtedly a good thing.

What does Mitt Romney really believe? It doesn’t matter. But if it did, you can be sure that honesty, America’s Constitution and abiding by the law have nothing to do with it.


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