Consider the Advice-Giver Before Taking Advice

Before taking advice, consider the advice-giver.

Why does the advice-giver need to give advice? Could it possibly be an unhealthy need to control others? Does he stand by the advice, or does he need to feel strong and superior by giving you advice? Does she follow her own advice? You should know these motivations and facts before following anyone’s advice.

Why doesn’t the advice-giver reason things out with you, rather than telling you what to do? Reason, facts and logic are the only way to reach conclusions, right? Reasoning is not infallible. None of us are infallible. But reason is the best thing going. How is someone else’s reasoning superior to yours? Maybe in a particular area, this person’s track record speaks for itself. But can’t even capable people err?

In the end, there’s no way to escape choices. Even the decision to follow someone’s advice is a choice. Choose wisely.


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